Snowhite Review – A Family-Friendly Production

Tiffany Howell Haile and Noa Brenner in SNOWHITE - Photo courtesy of Santa Monica Playhouse
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In its long tradition of family friendly shows, the Santa Monica Playhouse proudly presents the return of SNOWHITE, one of its most popular tales. A musical Rudie-DeCarlo musical fairy tale for the young and the young-at-heart, SNOWHITE is sure to delight, enchant, and entertain. The current SNOWHITE production is one of fifteen original fairy tales that are part of the Santa Monica Playhouse Family Theatre Musical Matinee Series. Based on the original 1812 Brothers Grimm fairy tale, SNOWHITE bears only limited resemblance to the famous Disney film. Gone are the villainous stepmother, the deadly potions, the creepy shadowed forest – and, perhaps most noticeably, the prince who rides in on his white horse to rescue the fragile heroine and save the day.

Snowhite’s Quirky Companions – Photo courtesy of Santa Monica Playhouse

Instead, Snowhite (Noa Brenner), who has been raised by those seven quirky dwarfs (three twins plus one), comes of age and must discover her true destiny. But, unlike Disney’s marriage-minded beauty in search of her Prince Charming, Snowhite dreams of locating her mother (Tiffany Howell Haile). For this is a story of friendship, loyalty, forgiveness, commitment, tolerance, and understanding. With the aid of her loving companions (Megan Yip, Kendal Evans, Laura Bertrand, and Audrey Montague), a magical disappearing mirror, and a shiny red apple, she sets off on her journey to find her roots. In the process, she finds out that “love conquers all.”

Tiffany Howell Haile and Noa Brenner – Photo Courtesy of Santa Monica Playhouse

Kudos to the writer-director team of Evelyn Rudie and Chris DeCarlo, SNOWHITE is a sophisticated musical fantasy with elegant multi-part harmonies which offer the talented singers full use of their vocal skills. From 1854 illustrations, award-winning designer Ashley Hayes has crafted the beautifully-detailed Medieval costumes and James Cooper has designed the clever often otherworldly set and stunning special effects – all to offer the viewer an authentic sense of the where and why of the Brothers Grimm iconic story. SNOWHITE is definitely an immersive experience where the audience often gets the chance to put in their two cents. SNOWHITE is a family production and is suitable for nearly all ages – from kids to seniors and every age in between. 

Snowhite Cast – Photo by Elaine L. Mura

SNOWHITE runs through August 28, 2022, with performances at 2 p.m. on Saturdays and at 12:30 p.m. on Sundays. The Santa Monica Playhouse is located at 1211 Fourth Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401. Tickets are $15 for adults and $12.50 for children 12 and under. The Santa Monica Playhouse also hosts special birthday parties in conjunction with every performance. A gaily-costumed member of the Snowhite Fairytale Company will make sure that a good time is had by all. For information and reservations (mandatory), call 310-394-9779 Ext. 2 or go online.


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