Saaksha & Kinni Introducing Hand-Embroidered Quad Collection

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Traversing the world post-COVID means you might be looking to add something distinct to your wardrobe after the long hiatus. The question is where to look for something that relentlessly demands attention in keeping up with the modern styles. If you are looking for quality and hand craftsmanship; Saaksha & Kinni has introduced the Quad Collection by Saaksha & Kinni featuring hand micro-pleating and hand-stitched embroidery. Backed by eight years of experience in designing embroidery swatches in-house for leading brands such as Balmain, Ellie Saab, and Armani; Saaksha & Kinni have now branched out on their own in search of soft fabrics and perfecting techniques. The vision of the brand is to keep tradition and roots in India whilst expressing themselves to the fullest. Specializing in bold statement pieces with metal and stone embroidery techniques; Saaksha & Kinni is a four-year-old brand focused on bringing luxe-boho to a greater audience while staying loyal to their heritage; celebrating Indian culture whilst addressing the needs of the modern woman.

Describe the modern female’s wardrobe and how they relate to your ultimate consumer.

The modern female’s wardrobe has changed quite drastically since Covid. Women are more conscious about what they are buying, how comfortable their clothing is but more importantly, how versatile their pieces are. Our ultimate consumer is able to mix and match our pieces within her own wardrobe. The prints are versatile enough to translate from day to night and the silhouettes lend themselves to many settings. For example, our staple hand micro pleated kaftans are a beach must-have in terms of a cover-up, but are equally wearable for a dinner or brunch. 

You describe your garments as luxe-boho. Tell us in detail the backdrop to coming up with such a contemporary style.

We wanted to create a luxury clothing – hand micro pleated, hand embroidered, and using delicate soft fabrics that felt glamorous yet comfortable – hence the boho part. We want women to feel chic but easy breezy – effortless in a sense. 

With roots in India; currently located in the UK, you harness traditional practices while thriving in an eclectic fashion hub. Please describe the research that goes behind each fabric as they are bold and command their own style.

We think the modern global woman commands answers to where and why their garments look and feel the way they do. Having our roots firmly in India, we wanted to bring forth the country’s vivid colors, prints, and old-world craftsmanship. But having grown up in the UK we have seen fashion evolve over time and the type of silhouettes that the modern global woman requires. She is a woman who works, attends a brunch, finished work late, and has to go straight to a party for example. Her clothes have to be versatile, tell a story, and remain comfortable. Hence pairing old-world Indian techniques with silhouettes inspired by the West make for a perfect collaboration. 

Does working with hand embroidery help equate to the foundations of a sustainable brand? How has technology helped?

We don’t like to use the word sustainable as it is a very difficult word to attain. We are not a sustainable brand in the true essence of the word but we do incorporate practices that help the brand become more ethical and responsible. For example, all our embroidery is done by hand not by machine which allows us to utilise craftsmen and provide more work to them. We also use waste fabric cuttings in our linings. These small steps certainly help us get one step closer to the word sustainable. Technology of course is helping mend the bridge between unsustainable practices and sustainable ones.  For example, using eco-friendly textiles like Patagonia having created Woolyester, and social media playing a big part in educating consumers on where and how their garments have been made.

I especially enjoyed the hand-embroidered bodysuit with an overcoat. Explain some of the cuts that made your silhouettes innovative while hailing custom traditions.

The sari dress has been one of our favorite silhouettes to create. It looks like a modern sexy dress with all the trimmings of the classic Indian sari. We have elevated the style by introducing hand micro pleating all over the garment which adds a modern, fresh look. Silhouettes like this help us push the boundary in terms of creating an Indo-Western silhouette that reflects the traditions of India whilst remaining global in spirit. 

What are your two favorite pieces from the latest collection (available on your website)?

One of our favorite pieces on our website is in the intricate hand-embroidered mirror and thread jacket paired with acid-wash jeans. The jacket took approximately 300 hours to complete and showcases the handcraft techniques India has to offer. By pairing this jacket with a pair of acid wash jeans creates the perfect balance of East meets West –

Using the direct-to-consumer approach in their business model, Saaksha & Kinni has been able to unleash their collection to the world, creating “impactful and comfortable occasion wear.” For more information on Saaksha & Kinni visit:


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