The 12 most haunted locations from around the world

Haunted Halloween, credit: Pexels, Toni Cuenca
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Spooky fans are being told of the most haunted locations to visit from around the world that will give a real fright this Halloween.

Experts from Net Voucher Codes have researched the most eerie locations that will terrify people and get them into the seasonal spirit.

With Halloween approaching, there are various gruely sights from across the world known for their unearthly pasts and paranormal sightings for visitors to investigate.

It’s the perfect time for thrill-seekers searching for an adrenaline rush, with haunted sights found in Gloucestershire, England and across the Atlantic in Pennsylvania, USA.

Rebecca Bebbington, online consumer expert from said: “With Halloween being one of the scariest times of the year, we wanted to find the best haunted locations for people to visit this October.

Image credit: Pixabay

“Simple traditions such as having a Halloween party or dressing up as a favourite TV character may not be enough for those who enjoy the frightening side of the season.

“We’ve found that horror fans are more interested in finding out about haunted locations from across the globe, with people visiting the grounds of Leap Castle in Ireland or going on a ghost hunt at Quarantine Station in Australia.”

Here are 12 haunted locations by from across the world:

  1. Villa De Vecchi – Cortenova, Italy

Found in the northern region of Italy, the haunted mansion of Villa De Vecchi is a must to put on your checklist. Known as the “Red House” due to its gruesome past, the villa is rumoured to have been home to witches, cults and the ghosts of its past owners.

  1. Goatman’s Bridge – Texas, USA

Its expansive paranormal history scares people off from visiting the Texas bridge at night. This haunted location is in Denton, Texas and is allegedly home to paranormal activity due to its past of satanic rituals which have taken place under the bridge.

 3. Bhangarh Fort – Bhangarh, India

Image credit: Deepak Kosta at Unsplash

This historic fort has not only been cursed once, but twice during its history. Often referred to as “the fort of ghosts”, Bhangarh Fort is rumoured to be haunted at night with the site having a strict ‘no visit policy’ after sunset.

Credit, Pexels: Joonas Kääriäinen

4. Crathes Castle, Banchory, Scotland

Image credit Seema Miha from Unsplash

One of the more mesmerising locations on the list, Crathes Castle can be viewed as a sight from a fairytale. But the castle is also known to be the residence of the mysterious “green lady” who has been seen to roam the grounds at nightfall.

5. Camp 30 – Ontario, Canada

The abandoned Canadian camp was once used as a prisoner base for soldiers during World War Two. However, the camp is now known to be home to ghosts of the past, with satanic graffiti scattered across the border to warn off suspicious visitors.

 6. Hex Hollow – Pennsylvania, USA

A sight called “murder house” due to the horrific events which took place in 1928. The house was allegedly attempted to have been burnt down, but the rumoured curse by witches prevented this from happening. You can’t visit inside but it can be viewed from a distance.

Credit, Pexels: Pedro Figueras

7. Quarantine Station – New South Wales, Australia

Famous for its thrilling ghost haunting, visitors can get an electromagnetic metre to detect any paranormal activity in the station. Shadowy entries have been known to roam the station by shuffling around the hallways and have placed their hands on ghost hunters seeking a thrill.

8. Leap Castle, Ireland

In the 1900’s builders conducting renovations in the castle found a large amount of human skeletons on wooden spikes in the underground dungeon. The gruesome past of murders and mysterious deaths, includes a priest whom is rumoured to haunt the grounds.

9. Posada Del Sol – Mexico City, Mexico 

The abandoned hotel in Mexico, has been referred to as one of the most haunted locations across the whole country. People who have visited the site claimed to have felt a paranormal presence of a young girl who may have passed away in the hotel.

10. Cecil Hotel – California, USA

Image credit: Christopher Alavenga from Unsplash

The Cecil Hotel is an infamous spot in America where countless documentaries and theories have speculated about the gruesome events which took place at the hotel. While you can no longer stay at the hotel, people still get a sense of dread just from looking at the building.

11. Akershus Festning – Oslo, Norway 

The haunted fortress was previously a prison during the 1900’s. People claim to be spooked by sounds of the prisoners seeking revenge, from screaming to chilling whispers and even an old guard dog whose presence spooks both locals and tourists.

Photo: B. Keer

12. Ancient Ram Inn – Gloucestershire, England

With a 800-year-old history, the Ancient Ram Inn is known to be home to a wicked spirit from the 1500’s, with rumours stating the spirit has a demonic force. The Inn is currently open as a hotel where visitors brave the chance of encountering a spiritual presence during a ghost hunt.


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