Cast photo credit J. T. MacMillan
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By Kathy Carpenter

Cast photo credit J. T. MacMillan

“We all require and want respect, man or woman, black or white, …” Aretha Franklin. Lamb’s Player’s Theatre presents The World Premiere of “ R.E.S.P.E.C.T.,” an original creation from Kerry Meade & Vanda Eggington.  It is directed by Kerry Meade, with musical direction and arrangements by Vanda Eggington, and choreography by Christine Wisner Hall, “Respect,” is an amazingly wicked show. Lamb’s brings us the grooviest shows in town with another epic musical hit.

cast photo credit Norma

The stage was surrounded by a proscenium of colorful round plate looking circles reflecting in the light suggesting a cheerful atmosphere before the show even started. The six female singers  step through a gold fringed curtain at the same time to show respect and spotlight the stars they are. The show starts with them singing RESPECT the Aretha Franklin 1967 hit. The six then divide into two group.The three talented women of color sing the hits of groups such as, “One Fine Day,” by the Chiffons, and “Will You Love Me Tomorrow?,” by the Shirelles. Then they went on to sing Songs by the Supreme’s, and many other pre-Motown female group hits.The remaining three took on the female bubble gum pop group songs. With songs like, “Leader of the Pack,” and “Wedding Day Blues,” and two more songs I enjoyed, ”I’m Sorry,” a Brenda Lee hit, and “It’s My Party,” by Leslie Gore.

Sydney Joyner photo credit Norma and Kathy Carpenter

After an array of girl group hits, the cast came together, yet individually, to celebrate the music of Aretha Franklin, Joni Mitchell, Dionne Warwick, Janis Joplin, and many others. History and pieces of information about the different singers were woven throughout the salutes, giving us the sense of each celebrity.

One thing I loved most was the photos they projected onto the curtains of the female or group the cast was showcasing. Technology can add so much to a show these days. Another aspect I loved was when the cast harmonized together a capella, the melodious sound almost like angels from heaven.  

The phenomenal cast consists of Angela Chatelain Avila, Caitie Grady, Rebecca Jade, Janaya Mahealani Jones, and Joy Yandell. All equally talented powerful singers, and, if you were to pick a favorite it would most likely be because the song they sang brought back good memories for you. 

Janaya Mahealani Jones
photo credit J.T.MacMillan Angela Chatelain Avila

The Respect Band consists of Steve Gouveia, guitar, Dave Rumley, percussion, and Oliver Shirley on bass set off to side stage right and Ben Read on Keyboards stage left. The band is very much a featured part of the show, playing flawlessly alongside the singers.

Caitie Grady

Most theatre goers have a connection with music of the sixties whether you grew up with the music or learned to love them from remakes. Nostalgia is a wonderful feeling. Come celebrate  the singers, and songs that recognize an era of evolving times. 

Rebecca Jade photo credit Norma and Kathy Carpenter

Extended through thru April 9

Lamb’s Player Theatre

Joy Yarnell

Cast photo credit J. T. MacMillan


Orange Ave. Coronado



Outside Mullingar

April 22, – June 4

By John Patrick Shanley

The Tony Award, Oscar, and Pulitzer Prize winning author gives us a delightful Irish story about family, love andproperty boundaries.


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