Cast of Nunsense - photo courtesy of Ken Jacques
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By Kathy Carpenter

Cast – photo courtesy of Ken Jacques

What did Jesus say at the last supper? Everyone who wants to be in the photo move to this side of the table. Coronado playhouse presents, “Nunsense”, directed by Angie Bitsko, music director, Nina Gilbert,  and choreographed by Megan Geler. “Nunsense” delivers a captivating blend of variety show entertainment, laughter-infused moments, a profound sense of belonging, and sheer fun, all infused with a touch of spiritual goodness.

Sister Robert Anne – Denae Steele – photo courtesy of Ken Jacques

Nunsense holds the record for the second longest running show off Broadway. A show within a show. “Nunsense,” a musical comedy by Dan Goggin, unfolds within the halls of the Little Sisters of Hoboken Convent. The story takes off when a disastrous batch of chicken soup  prepared by the convent’s cook, Julia, child of God, leads to the untimely demise of 52 sisters. The remaining  nuns must raise funds to bury the deceased sisters, who are temporarily stored in the convent’s freezer.

Under the guidance of Reverend Mother Mary Regina,  the nuns embark on a  journey to put on a variety show. Sister Mary Hubert, the mistress of novices, exhibits leadership, while Sister Robert Anne brings her street-smart persona to the stage. Sister Mary Amnesia, who has lost her memory, provides an endearing touch of naivety. Sister Mary Leo, the novice who dreams of being the world’s first ballerina nun, adds her own flair to the mix.

Sister Robert Anne – Denae Steele – photo courtesy of Ken JAcques

The variety show showcases the sisters’ talents and quirks, ranging from tap-dancing to ventriloquism. The catchy musical numbers are interwoven with comical skits and interactions, resulting in a communal enjoyment. As the nuns reveal their eccentric personalities, they also touch on themes of sisterhood, faith, and the pursuit of dreams.

In the role of the Reverend Mother, Amy Oliverio skillfully balances strictness with humor, creating a memorable portrayal. My personal favorite is Sister Robert Anne, portrayed by Denae Steele, who masterfully infuses street-smart humor with genuine heart. Adding to the humor is Lenelle Wylie, who plays Sister Hubert with a delightful touch. Amelia Campbell takes on the role of Sister Mary Amnesia, contributing a lovely sweetness to the ensemble. Jana Russick beautifully portrays Sister Mary Leo, the dreamer among the group. Completing the Sisterhood is Fiona Bryne, portraying Sister Mary Cardelia. Together, this talented cast embodies the unique essence of the production, embodying the quirks and charm that make these nuns unforgettable

Reverend Mother – Amy Oliverio – photo courtesy of Ken Jacques

In “Nunsense,” the blend of variety show entertainment, heartwarming camaraderie, and spiritual undertones creates an unforgettable experience. “Nunsense” offers an uplifting reminder of the joy that comes from shared laughter and a strong bond, leaving the audience with smiles on their faces and a heart full of appreciation for the power of theater.

cast – photo courtesy of Ken JAcques


Thru September 17, 2023

Coronado Playhouse

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By Kathy Carpenter


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