Movie Review – The Veil – A Moment In Time

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What if you realized you could repair a wrong that you did forty years before?

When a young Douglas (Will Tranfo) drives by and ignores a desperate woman running through the woods and fleeing her abusive husband, he regrets it for years.

Then a veil of supernatural lights eerily affects the Amish countryside of Pennsylvania. Electronic particles dance through the atmosphere causing strange actions in the home that an older Father Douglas (Sean O’Bryan.)

The Veil – Sean O’Bryan and Rebekah Kennedy –

Having just come from a dying parishioner, the older Douglas, now a retired priest, begins to believe that he has lost his faith in the Lord. Then he experiences a ghostly vision of a woman (Rebekah Kennedy) in the field letting the viewer know that there is something in Douglas’ history.

The Veil – a bothered Father Douglas considers his faith – Photo from FilmFrontier

Then late at night an unusual total loss of electricity, the sound of footsteps in his empty house, windows opened without his knowledge, combined with the visit of a frightened Amish young woman changes his life totally.

This shivery film will get you thinking about your own past mistakes and how you might repair them.

The Veil premiered at Oregon’s H P Lovecraft Festival before coming to the Austin Film Festival and will be shown again at the  American Film Festival. It was written and edited by Cameron Beyl, and produced by Mr. Beyl and Kyle Andrews of the FilmFrontierStudios, the hour-long film stars Sean O’Bryan and Rebekah Kennedy with Will Tranfo, playing the young Douglas.

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