The 36 Watchers: Book II Spring  

Author Dan Bar Hava's New Book The 36 Watchers: Book II Spring

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Author Dan Bar Hava Releases the Second Installment of his Popular Series

Author Dan Bar Hava’s highly anticipated follow-up to The 36 Watchers launches this weekend, and readers of the author’s first installment will no doubt be waiting to get a hand on the novel. Speaking of novel, the book alone is a novel concept. 

The book somewhat challenges our belief system in a world where we are protected for the good of mankind by organizations like religion, Freemasons, Knights Templars and other somewhat man-made orders of protection. But, in this book, it’s the 36 Watchers who hold true power to our protection and possible freedom. 

What if the forces of the world were all laid upon the power of one woman? In the series, this supernatural heroine is Jenna. Jenna is a Watcher. As a woman, doesn’t this challenge everything we’ve been taught about religion? A woman at the helm of power? In Book II, her place as a Watcher grows. Jenna is ready to tackle everything we were once taught to believe about religion. 

This book challenges conceptions, misconceptions and myths about history, religion, people of power and beyond. Author Dan Bar Hava presents a story to us that will have us questioning everything we once knew. It’s a story of intrigue, suspense, myth and more. Truths become questions. Ancient Forces appear different from what they first appeared to be in history books. 

If you’re into fantasy and fiction, this is a great, exciting read if you’re looking for a little escapism in your life. Dan Bar Hava does what few authors in this genre will do, and brings some questions of religion and set belief systems into the mix of some wonderful, creative writing at the same time. 

The book comes out November 10 and is published by Austin Macauley Publishers

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