2023 Holiday Health, Beauty, & Fashion Gift Guide

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We have many unique items in this guide. Click a link below to jump to the section that will work best for your gifting needs, or scroll through all our items to be inspired!

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Discovery Set – Fragrances by Chris Collins

For friends and loved ones looking to explore their signature scents, gift them with the Discovery Set.  This set features six of the seasonal bestsellers plus one mystery scent for an inviting adventure. This is a great gift and opportunity to explore new fragrances to add to your collection.

$50 Buy now!

JERGENS® Limited-Edition Original Cherry Almond Scent Perfume

Light and sweet. Nostalgic, yet modern. It only made sense. The signature Cherry Almond scent of our Original Scent Moisturizer, now in a fragrance. Opens with nostalgic notes of bright cherry and sweet almond. Then blossoms into rich amber and warm musk for a classic, enveloping scent that’s deeply familiar and oh-so you. Spritz, inhale, and skip through the cherry almond orchards of memory lane.

$39.99 Buy now!

Sothis Pure Beauty – Black/Savage Man

Help the man in your life condition the skin. Use it as a beard oil, before and after shaving, as a way to gently condition hair after shampooing or just to moisturize skin. The blend of natural oils combined with obsidian crystal energy can help in recentering the mind and connect to Earth’s energy.

$37 Buy now!

OOTD Oxygen Of The Day Skincare

OOTD Beauty, is all about skincare science, R&D, and innovation. They have a team of experts dedicated to pushing the boundaries of skincare technology to bring you the most effective and advanced formulas. Designed and made in Korea, they combine the best of K-beauty technology with cutting-edge scientific research to deliver skincare products that truly make a difference. OOTD has a wide range of skincare products, specifically designed to fit whatever your skincare needs require. OOTD has a number of sheet masks, including the Collagen Supreme Mask that has a mixture of active ingredients of collagen, hyaluronic Acid, and witch-hazel. The combination of hyaluronic acid provides intensive hydration to your skin, while Collagen nourishes your skin for more youthful-looking skin. Another great product is the Glycolic Exfoliating Toner P.M that you simply use in the evening to help all of your skin issues. Once you put it on, you will not even notice it as it non-sticky, so it is great for sensitive skin and it is fast absorbing and leaves no type of residue. One of the few skincare products that you would have no problem sleeping in and feeling great.

$10-$38 Buy now!

Zimba Teeth Whitening Strips

Enjoy a brighter smile yourself, or give to a loved on this holiday, with Zimba. Zimba is an affordable easy to use at-home whitening products to bring your teeth to a whiter smile. They have fun flavors like Strawberry, Coconut, Peach , Mint and more. Their products use vegan, organic, and reduced-sensitivity ingredients making it a great product for everyone!

$24 Buy now!

Bootleg Bath

This holiday give luxury bath products from Bootleg Bath. All products are handcrafted with organic, vegan and natural ingredients made in the USA. They are inspired by vintage cocktail themes such as, Highball, Mojito, Greyhound, and more. Bootleg Bath has a commitment to quality, ethics, and sustainability. All products are cruelty-free with carbon neutral shipping and packaging.

$9.95+ Buy now!

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Giboard is a fun, challenging, and safe balance trainer for everyone! One look and you’ll feel like a kid again and ready to try your hand at this cool new product, arriving just in time for holiday gift-giving. You’ll turn any place into an adventure.

This modern take on a balance board is eye-catching and never boring! The minimalist profile makes it ideal for use in the gym, outdoors, at home, and even in the office (plus, it’s great for home décor – you can’t say that for most fitness equipment!). Strengthen your posture, fitness, and creativity – all while looking pretty cool doing so. The never-ending freestyle tricks and movements you can do are great for confined spaces, rain or shine.

Made of high-grade, durable maple from sustainable cultivation in America, see why we people everywhere are adding Giboard to our wish list.

$199 Buy now!


Help improve mood, heart health, and reduce inflammation this holiday with a gift from Dropi. The Icelandic Fish Oil is 100% natural, sourced from the clean waters of Iceland. No high-heat or synthetic additives and you can trace your fish oil’s journey from sea to bottle with a QR code. It comes in liquid form or capsules.

$44.99 (liquid) Buy now!

Apex Labs CBD Fast-Acting Pain Relief Cream  

Help those with pain this holiday by gifting a fast acting pain relief cream from Apex Labs. It is formulated to easily absorb into the skin and is created in-house for a quality you can count on. Crafted with 100% California Hemp and the among the highest quality CBD on the market!

$39.99 Buy now!


Encourage your friends and family to continue on their health journey with a gift from FilpBelt. Designed to keep your personal items secure and bounce free while exercising. The FlipBelt will take place of arms bands and pouches that like to ride up or fall off while working out. Comes in a variety of colors and sizes with multiple pocket opens and machine washable.

$34+ Buy now!

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BB Becker “My Dearest Friend” Bracelet

This holiday give your friend this beautiful hand-polished sterling silver bracelet shines. A delicate oval link connects each half of the smooth circle to demonstrate your special connection. Distinctive engraved handwriting adds an extra-special touch. It makes a wonderful gift for the woman who is always there for you, who truly understands you, and who you know you can count on in good times and bad.

Bracelet Details: Sterling Silver 3/16” width band, 7” bracelet

$127 Buy now!

The Clare by TOMS

This holiday give a suede ankle boot they will love! The Clare ankle boot features an comfortable wedge heel, pull-on tab and stretch side panels for easy wear. TOMS leather products support responsible manufacturing via the Leather Working Group. When you buy TOMS, you help fund access to mental health resources for the millions of people who need them.

$99.95 Buy now!


QYNDA, a premium modest activewear brand for women, was founded on the belief that women have the power to shape their own limits.  QYNDA recognizes that women are not defined by boundaries, and they shouldn’t have to compromise their values, beliefs, or style when pursuing their passion for fitness.

What sets QYNDA apart is its core commitment to crafting premium activewear that allows women to embrace their love for sports without compromising their individuality. QYNDA’s modest, high-quality designs are created to cater to women of all backgrounds and beliefs. It liberates women from the constraints of subpar designs, low-quality fabrics, and underperforming materials, providing them with activewear that is both sleek and modest.

$52+ Buy now!

Pacas Socks

Pacas socks are the best of the best. With various options for men, women, and children, Pacas are like a hug for your feet. They have a soft feel that is similar to cashmere, are hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and thermoregulating. They are naturally breathable and lightweight and warmer than wool. Alpaca Fiber doesn’t produce pollution or harm the environment when in production. Help the planet and comfort your feet this holiday season! Prices vary by style and size.

$24+ Buy now!

Cowgirl LUV by Karina Brez

The Cowgirl LUV signature collection pays tribute to the untamed spirit of the American West. The stackable rings symbolize various mountain ranges, in color, design, and use of stones. The beautiful hoop earrings embrace the wide open spaces of the west and the pop of colors that abound in these places. Mix and match this collection to add a bit of elegance to any outfit you wear this holiday season.

Various Prices Buy now!

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*Photos courtesy of respective companies. We were not paid to promote these items, though many of the companies chose to send us the product prior to (and after) the publication of this guide.

Feature image by Paul Solomon on Unsplash


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