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Anti-Aging From Within. credit: Skin Rehab Beverly Hills
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They say beauty is only skin deep, and in Los Angeles, everybody wants their skin to look flawless and youthful. SoCal people seem willing to get that youthful appearance at any price, and I don’t just mean monetarily. They inject themselves with toxins and fillers and other “junk” just to look younger or different. But there is a movement challenging the LA beauty trends, and that is simply aging with grace. Aging is a privilege. After all, what’s the opposite? The movement to age gracefully teaches us to embrace who we are, at every age, and to find the blessings in aging. That doesn’t mean we have to look older than we feel though! Part of this movement means many options for non-invasive anti-aging treatments. We can look and feel the way we want, without harming our bodies. Skin Rehab Beverly Hills is making its mark in LA in this movement. Their whole philosophy is inner harmony as the essence of true beauty, so they treat the whole body, from head to toe, non-invasively, to help clients age gracefully – but best of all, to feel like the best versions of themselves.

Personally, I have been a big believer in non-invasive treatments for many years. You can see the 5 Minute Facelift I do daily at home here! So I was very lucky to try out a few treatments at Skin Rehab Beverly Hills, and am proud to report back on my findings.

But first, let’s start with Dina Richie, the owner of Skin Rehab Beverly Hills. Dina hails from Russia and in her years in the industry both here and abroad, she has seen firsthand the treatment options offered. Of course, many of them are invasive and in the long run toxic, and many are not, especially in Europe. Lucky us – Dina is bringing miracle European treatments stateside. Ahead of the trend, Dina realized that genuine beauty goes beyond the external and lies in nurturing the inner self – a harmonious blend of body, mind, and spirit. She decided to bless us all with the magic of her team, and all the treatments they offer to help people achieve this inner harmony, which shows externally too!

Dina Richi, Owner & Founder of Skin Rehab Beverly Hills
Skin Rehab Beverly Hills Team: Sarah, Dina, Katya, Anatolii

Since I have mentioned my love of facelifts, non-surgical ones that is, let’s talk about the Anti-Gravity Facial at Skin Rehab Beverly Hills. For an hour, Anatolii works his magical hands to tighten and tone the face. There are no injections, fillers, or scalpels in this facelift, just the power of moving the facial muscles in the right way. Not only is this facial great for relaxation and a more firm, tighter appearance, it helps ease jaw and muscle tension as well. Did you know we have 43 muscles in our faces? And they are some of the most used muscles in our body. Just like we stretch and tone our other muscles our face needs the love too. This facial is wonderful for a special event, but with repeated treatments, you will see longer-lasting improvements.

Anti-Gravity Facial Chin Sculpting
Anti-Gravity Facial Jaw Relaxation
Anti-Gravity Facial Neck Tension Release

Another movement in non-invasive health lately is lymphatic drainage. It may be new to some of you, but it’s something I have been getting regularly for over 5 years. If you deal with swelling and inflammation in your body, you need to address the lymphatic system. At Skin Rehab Beverly Hills, Endospheres Therapy does that and much more. Created in Italy to treat athletes’ muscles and help with recovery and performance, Endospheres Therapy is a patented device featuring 55 rotating spheres that deliver compressive microvibration. Endosphères Full Body treatment improves local blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, eliminates toxins and reduces fluid retention. It also effectively reduces the appearance of cellulite, promotes the breakdown of fibrous septae and fat cells and contours the entire body. Essentially this magical machine, and Katya, the technician behind it, treat the body from the inner layers out. Again, one treatment is a wonderful refresher, but the more you do it, the more results you will see. Skin Rehab recommends 12 to 18 Endospheres treatments for optimal results. They will work closely with you to determine what it is you are working towards and set up a plan from there.

Endospheres Therapy on the Stomach
Endospheres Therapy on the Feet

These are just a couple of the wonderful treatments Dina and her team are offering at Skin Rehab Beverly Hills. We truly can look and feel the way we want, at whatever age we are, and in this day and age, and because of great spas like Skin Rehab, we can achieve it in a safe, healthy way. Whether you’re focused on beauty that is skin deep or beauty coming from within, you will find a plethora of ways to see results when you work with Skin Rehab Beverly Hills.

Photos Provided By Skin Rehab Beverly Hills


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