Casting Society Celebrated at the 2024 Artios Awards

Niecy Nash-Betts Hosts the 2024 Artios Awards, held at the Beverly Hilton
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When you take a step back from a project, any project, and think of all the pieces that have to go into place to complete it, it can quite impactful. Now do this for your favorite movie, TV show or play. Start at the beginning and try to think about what the first few steps were to getting that project rolling. There are many parts that bring a production to life, but one of the most important, and the earliest, is casting. Think of that favorite movie or TV show again, and try to replace the main characters with someone else. Would it work the same? Would you still love it? My guess is probably not. Afterall, what would Titanic be without Kate and Leo? What would Elf be without Will Ferrell?

Michael Urie and Tantoo Cardinal Present at the 2024 Artios Awards
Kevin Miles (Jake from State Farm) and Stephanie Courtney (Flo from Progressive) Present at the 39th Annual Artios Awards

Casting directors are the hidden figures who place the perfect people into the perfect roles. At the Artios Awards, members of the Casting Society of America (CSA) are celebrated for doing just that. In fact, Artios stems from ancient Greek and means “perfectly fitted.” Casting directors are often the unsung heroes of a production and in a way, they build the bridges to actors dreams. Casting is not something we usually think of when watching a movie, TV show or play and I think thats the way CSA wants it. Ultimately that means the casting directors and their teams have done a good job.

2024 Artios Awards Host, Niecy Nash-Betts
Artios Awards Presenter, James Marsden

While CSA has celebrated its members for over 35 years, giving out Artios for excellence in casting, members this year had something even more exciting to look forward to. The casting union Governors, who mingle with Governors from other industry unions helped CSA members solidify a category for the Oscars. In 2026 there will be an Oscar given out for excellence in casting for the very first time. The Governors had a chance to speak at the Artios Awards this year, and the cheers and tears (happy ones) from their union members were incredible. It was very evident this union and its associations really fight for one another and support eachother!

CSA Union Governors Celebrating Announcement of Oscars 2026 Casting Category

It’s always special to see the full circle of how a production comes together, and it really shows the magic of the movie-making industry. Hearing directly from those involved, who share their stories, their aspirations and their insight makes it even more impactful. Thankfully you get a lot of that at an awards show. Ashleigh Murray, an actress known for Riverdale, got emotional when presenting an award and talking about her first time working with casting directors. She said they saw something in her she didn’t see in herself. It got her the break she needed, and because of that she was honored to be at the Artios Awards. She said the room “just feels different than any other awards show, it feels warm and loving.”

Artios Awards Presenter, Ashleigh Murray
Artios Awards Presenter, Tantoo Cardinal

Warm and loving are good keywords that were themes for the evening. Among many acceptance speeches and presenters speeches we heard these same sentiments. In a video for Sharon Klein, winner of the Hoyt Bowers Award for Excellence in Casting, actress Mandy Moore said Sharon and her colleagues are the most important piece to the production puzzle. Someone else thanked Sharon for changing the way TV looks. In the same video, John Stamos jokingly said,”May the future be as bright as the spotlight you’ve placed on me. Thank you. And I am available for work.” Sharon then offered some wonderful advice in her acceptance speech – she said she has succeeded by learning to always surround herself with people a little bit smarter and a little bit more ambitous than herself.

Artios Awards Nominee, Brent Anbe (Series: Doogie Kamealoha, M.D.)
Artios Awards Nominee, Danya Solomon (Short Form Series: Level Up)

During her acceptance speech for the Lynn Stalmaster Award for Career Achievement, director Ava DuVernay embodied how important casting is to every project. Ava dedicated her whole speech to thanking the only casting director she has worked with since becoming a director, Aisha Coley. Ava said, “This award is hers. I am here because of the work she has done to help build my films.” There’s that warm and loving sentiment again.

Associate Casting Director Spotlight Awards winner, Josh Ropiequet
Artios Awards Presenter, Sofia Wylie

A mutliple nominee, and winner, casting director Julie Ashton said “we have gone through hard times together and we will continue to get through hard times together.” This proved the point that everyone in the industry was impacted by last years strikes and everyone is working together to rally to get entertainment back on top. I think the Oscar for casting 2026 is a great start. And as Jeanie Bacharach, who won for casting of the hit show The Bear said, “how lucky are we to do we what we love and with people we love.” That might even be better than an Artios Award or an Oscar!

Artios Awards Nominee, Mindy Zemrak (Reality Series: Shark Tank)
Artios Awards Nominees, for Daisy Jones & The Six (Limited Series): Kim Davis-Wagner, Justine Arteta, Meagan Lewis, Jane Flowers

The Los Angeles Artios Awards were hosted by Niecy Nash-Betts and some of the nights noteable award winners were Francesco Vedovati (Capelier-Shaw Award for Excellence in Casting), Karlee Fomalont (Rosalie Joseph Humanitarian Award) and Josh Ropiequet (Associate Casting Director Spotlight Award). Presenters included Tantoo Cardinal (Killers of the Flower Moon), Sofia Wylie (High School Musical: The Musical: The Series), Ronald Gladden (Jury Duty), Kevin Miles (Jake from State Farm), Michael Urie (Maestro), Scheana Shay (Vanderpump Rules) and James Marsden (Jury Duty). Concurrent Artios Awards events also took place in New York and London.

Learn more about the Artios Awards here, and the Casting Society of America here.

Photos provided by Sarah Meyer.


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