Golden Road Brewing Ride On IPA – Cheers to Summer

Golden Road "Ride On" (Photo Stephan Martin)
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Golden Road Brewing is the brewery that will always bring to mind putting Los Angeles on the map in the world of beer and the creation of Mango Cart that brought that flavor to beer lovers everywhere. Golden Road is not one stand on its classic beers, they continue to experiment and develop new beers constantly. When it comes to a flavorful IPA, Ride One definitely hit the mark. Still, Golden Road decided to tweak that original recipe into four different versions to offer an IPA for every palate.

Ride On IPA Varieties

From there Golden Road created a Ride On West Coast IPA, 5 hop citrus IPA, a tropical IPA and finally the Imperial IPA. The enticing part of drinking your way through this lineup of RIDE ON beers is that they are all unique in flavor as each version has its own identity, from the variety of hops, to how it is brewed. Then you can choose a 5% ABV 5 Hop Citrus to enjoy all day at the pool or picnic and if you want to go big and bold, the Imperial IPA comes in at 9% ABV. With so many choices, not only with the Ride On varieties, but with all of their beers, the best way to know them is by starting off with a flight of beers and going from there.

Kicking things off in RIDE ON IPA STYLE

Beyond the beer, Golden Road has created three settings in Southern California that each offer up their own unique venue and you truly can’t go wrong with any of them, it is just deciding what you are in the mood for. If you are headed to an Angels or Ducks game or a concert in Anaheim, that location is the definition of pregaming. Forget the overpriced bland beer that you are likely to find at the game, Golden Road Anaheim has it all, including a beautiful picnic setting in the back that circles around giving you a great view of Angels Stadium that is right across the street.

There is nothing better than enjoying a Ride On IPA in Southern California

With summer upon us, there is nothing quite like the beach in Southern California. Pairing Huntington Beach with Golden Road Huntington Harbor, makes for the quintessential day at the beach. This beautiful location has an outdoor patio and from the inside, they have an open-air setting that allows you to take in the view of the harbor and enjoy that breeze that permeates throughout the harbor. It is tough to beat a day that consists of heading to Golden Road for brunch and beer to start the day, heading over to the beach for a few hours and then back to Golden Road to take in the sunset to finish off your day.

Enjoying a Ride On IPA

If you are in Los Angeles, you must visit the original location in Atwater Village. This is just a giant property with so much going on, you can make a day of it here. Finally, if you are in downtown Los Angeles for any reason the Golden Road Pub inside Grand Central Market is a perfect stop for a burger and beer and it never disappoints. Much like their beer, Golden Road has a location that is perfect for everyone, whether it is grabbing a beer, joining your friends on a night out a celebrating an event with your family. And if you are looking for a place to hold a big party, Golden Road is the place to put on an event for almost any size.

The Ride On IPA Lineup

Golden Road has you covered with beer, location and service, but don’t forget about the food. They have taken their menu over the years and continuously developed it and got as creative with the food as they have their beer. If for some reason you don’t want to have a beer, coming here for the food is worth a stop. They have a wide assortment of monstrous burgers to go along with pizza and plenty of classic appetizers, but they delve far more into the culinary world than just the typical bar food. The poke nachos are a must to share with the table, fresh poke and plenty of it have made this a favorite at Golden Road. They are also well known for their vegan fried avocado tacos, barbocao short rib tacos and simply the best pup pretzel around. A lot of thought goes into the menu and there are plenty of tasty vegan options as well as a kids menu. And if you need to pair a beer with your food, Golden Road will always steer you in the tasty, right direction.

There is never a bad time to have a beer, but in Southern California once summer hits, that makes for the perfect time to raise a pint of Golden Road to toast to good times. Golden Road Brewing has created settings throughout Southern California that take the beer-drinking experience beyond just having a beer. If you are looking for great beer and a day that will always be memorable, grab a seat at any Golden Road Brewing location and you will never be disappointed.

For more information, visit: Golden Road Brewing; Huntington Harbor; Anaheim

(Photos by Stephan Martin)


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