Gilli Moon Debuts Part Two of Her Highly Anticipated Album ‘beautiful mess’

Get ready for an aural binge listening experience with  GILLI MOON’s long-awaited melodic and authentic DOUBLE ALBUM, beautiful mess. Not just one, but EPIC two volumes – written, performed and produced by Gilli Moon, with select featured artists and writers, beautiful mess includes 12 songs each volume, 4 feisty covers done ‘her way’ and volumes released one after the other – January 21 and February 19, 2021. 

Multiple award-winning Australian singer, songwriter, producer, and unprecedented DIY Indie Music success, this is GILLI MOON’s first studio album in 10 years, and her 8th studio album release and shares all her emotions, good, bad, sad, happy, beautiful and messy, all on display, and all at once. She throws her songs at you like she does paint on a canvas. We hope her sonic textures stick in your ears, hearts and mind and make you feel the beautiful mess in your lives, feel empowered to be YOU and love who you are, no matter how messy life gets.GILLI MOON blurs music boundaries and pushes her listeners while keeping them encased in catchy melodies, emotionally evolving piano ballads, and a continual stream of heart pulsing tracks. Be you a lover of RnB, Pop, Rock or Dance; chances are you’re going to adore what she has to offer.

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