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Visiting Las Vegas for most people means approximately 4.5 miles of glitzy and glamorous hotels. You are selling Las Vegas short if you limit yourself to this very small area. Las Vegas is home to many amazing restaurants and properties off-strip and if you have ventured off in any direction, the name PT’s has likely caught your eye and for good reason. There are 65 locations in Nevada and they all combine a little bit of Vegas along with a more local feel to create an experience that will keep you coming back.

PT’s decided to take a little bit of Las Vegas and a little bit of what you probably think of as your local tavern and brought the best of both experiences to every location. When you walk through the doors you get that more hometown vibe but from the gaming you can experience to the food and cocktail experience, you are not missing anything from the Las Vegas strip, except the high prices to go along with a rewards program.

If wings are what you are looking for, PT’s has three versions and so many sauces that you will seemingly never run out of options. Buffalo Extra Hot, Cajun Spice, Sweet Chile, Carolina Reaper and Gold Fever just to name a few. From there they put together a menu of almost every favorite you can imagine, starting with anyone of their burgers, with the can’t-miss out on “The Angry Burger”. If you are looking for a little spice to your burger this is it, topped with pepper jack cheese, smoked Sriracha bacon, guacamole and spicy ranch dressing. In addition some other great options include: the ballpark brat, cheesesteak sandwich and some very creative pizzas such as the Gold Fever Chicken and Ranch pizza and the Meat Feast which is just layered with pepperoni, sausage and smoked bacon.

Boulder Stout

While Las Vegas has become home to some incredible breweries in the past few years, what really sets PT’s apart from the rest of Las Vegas is they give you everything you could want under one roof, including their own beer. PT’s features: Sean Patrick’s Irish Red, their Golden Hefeweizen, Hualapai IPA, a hoppy West-Coast style IPA and their Boulder Stout. PT’s brewmaster, Dave Otto and PT’s Brewing Company won a bronze at the 2017 Great American Beer Festival for their Boulder Stout and one sip into this rich and flavorful stout and you will know why it is award-winning.

A Giant PT’s Pizza

“I had always wanted to make an authentic Irish-style stout and I thought it could do well both at the brewery and our taverns, especially Sean Patrick’s. It is an easy beer to drink with a great amount of flavor and character. I designed the beer to have the smooth, roasted barley character of an Irish stout without all of the bitterness,” Dave said. “Brewing for Golden Entertainment’s different taverns and casinos is always exciting. Unlike most brewpubs, the majority of the beer we make is kegged up and sent around town to the family of taverns we operate in the Las Vegas Valley. This means we are cleaning and filling a lot more kegs than what is typical for a brewpub. Being that we are a relatively small brewery, we are limited to the number of different styles we can produce while still keeping up with the demand from all of our taverns. Now we are brewing four main beers for our taverns, as well as one exclusive beer for BLVD & MAIN Taphouse at The STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod. “

Pretzel with beer cheese

“I have always been a lover of hoppy beers, so IPAs, pale ales and pilsners are my favorite, but I love most styles of beer. Some brewers today are really pushing the boundaries with the ingredients they are experimenting with, some of which appeal to me and some that don’t. Vegas is expanding its craft beer offerings, and Mad Dog Brewing Company and Bad Beat Brewing are among my favorites,” Dave said. “Many visitors to Las Vegas don’t seem to believe there is a real town behind all the glitz and glamour of The Strip. If there is one thing that can get people off of The Strip and into the local scene, it’s locally-made craft beer found only at select locations around town.”

Each PT’s has their own identity , but you are always going to find their amazing beer as well as stellar service and a wide range of great food at each location.Sean Patrick’s Pub & Grill brings an Irish menu to Las Vegas with such classic dishes as: Shepherd’s Pie, Corned Beef & Cabbage and Fish & Chips that all can pair nicely with Sean Patrick’s Irish Red beer.

Chocolate Chip Zookie

The Las Vegas strip is enticing and it is what everyone thinks of when they think of Sin City. While the strip is amazing, there is far more to Las Vegas and PT’s is one of those places that is well worth a short ride to experience. If great food, flavorful beer along with a fun setting and the best value for your dollar in Las Vegas are things you are looking for, check out any PT’s and you will leave completely satisfied.

Great Service

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