Health and Fitness Products 2020 – Kick Start Your New Year in Healthy Fashion

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2020 is almost upon us and that means the annual New Year’s Resolution. Trying to drop some pounds and getting fit and ready for more time at the beach, the pool and simply spending time outdoors. If you are looking to tone up or drop a few pounds and reach those goals you set for yourself in 2020, Splash Magazines Worldwide has put together a list of products that can kick start the process.

If you are looking for the easiest way to get healthy in the New Year, Laird Superfood has it all for you in the Laird Superfood Fuel Pack. The Superfood Fuel Pack combines all the tools needed for individuals to optimize a daily ritual of maintaining energy and hydration. The Fuel Pack is sold in sizes from XS to XXL, providing an assortment of Laird Superfood’s top-selling products that offer functional fuel to help tackle every adventure and feel good in the process.

Laird Superfood Fuel Pack

Fuel Pack’s combine a variety of Laird Superfood favorites:

ACTIVATE Daily Jumpstart – ACTIVATE uses an organic blend of premium freeze-dried lemon powder, lucuma, ginger, cayenne and sea salt, to help take your first glass of water to the next level, (only available in the size medium – X-large Fuel Packs).

Popular Superfood Creamers – Laird’s plant-based powdered creamers are enriched with Aquamin (calcium from marine algae), coconut milk powder, organic coconut sugar and organic extra virgin coconut oil – all combined to provide a delicious boost to your coffee or tea.

HYDRATE Original – Laird Superfood HYDRATE products are made with clean and simple ingredients and include 72 trace minerals from Aquamin. (HYDRATE Original is only available in the smaller Fuel Packs. Additional flavors are available in the larger Fuel Packs).

Laird Superfood 18-oz Go-Bottle

Laird Superfood Single or Dual Speed Frother

The Fuel Pack’s range in price from $34.95 (XS Fuel Pack) to $149.95 (XXL Fuel Pack) and are available online at Laird Superfood

Laird Superfood also has created what they call the“Daily Ritual”. This is a system that Laird Superfood has developed as a guide towards acquiring feeling energetic and hydrated throughout the day. It’s simple four-step nutritional system that blends Laird Superfood Creamers and Hydration products with beverages commonly consumed every day – water and coffee.

The Daily Ritual Four-Step Process
Step 1: ACTIVATE with Daily Jumpstart – A teaspoon of Laird Superfood’s Jump Start mixed with hot or cold water kicks of the nutritional morning ritual and gets the day started in the right direction. Jump Start uses an organic blend of premium freeze-dried lemon powder, lucuma, ginger, cayenne and sea salt.
Step 2: FUEL UP with Superfood Creamers – After activating the system in the morning with Jump Start, coffee and tea lovers can fuel up and enjoy a healthy cup blended with a Laird Superfood Creamer that is crafted from the highest quality all-natural whole food ingredients. The plant-based powered creamer is enriched with mineral complex Aquamin (calcium from marine algae), coconut milk powder, organic coconut suger and organic extra virgin coconut oil -all combined to provide a delicious boost to your coffee or tea.
Step 3: HYDRATE Coconut Water + Aquamin – To avoid an afternoon crash and boost hydration, Laird Superfood’s Daily Ritual offers HYDRATE products that are made with clean and simple ingredients and include 72 trace minerals from Aquamin. HYDRATE is available in five flavors, including HYDRATE Coconut Water, Matcha HYDRATE Coconut Water, Turmeric HYDRATE Coconut Water, Beet HYDRATE Coconut Water and Pineapple Mango HYDRATE Coconut Water.
Step 4: WIND DOWN with Cacao or Turmeric Creamers – To complete the daily nutritional ritual, consumers can wind down with a delicious Golden Milk or Hot Cacao from Laird Superfood Turmeric and Cacao Creamers, respectively. It’s easy to make by mixing the healthy plant-based, gluten-free, soy-free and non-GMO creamers with water.

The Insulated DYLN Bottle makes alkalizing the body can be as simple as drinking water from the DYLN Bottle. Each DYLN Bottle comes with a replaceable VitaBead Diffuser that increases the pH of water up to 9+ within minutes, helping to neutralize the acidity in the body. DYLN also reduces the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of water to -150 making it antioxidant to help protect against free radicals. DYLN also makes water hydrogen-enriched, which has been shown to boost energy, improve recovery and lower inflammation. The best part? It simply makes the water softer and better tasting. Founder Dorian Ayres noticed a missing link in the premium water market. Many health-conscious people were buying alkaline water in plastic bottles, improving their own health but contributing to our ever-growing plastic waste problem. Other alternatives for alkaline water included an expensive in-home machine only few could afford. Dorian was inspired to design a solution. With the help of science and premium components, the Original DYLN Bottle was created making alkaline water on the go simple, affordable, and in a reusable stainless steel bottle. To purchase a DYLN Bottle, visit: DYLN


Working out is just one step when it comes to health and wellness, taking supplements and the right ones are key to proper nutrition. Rainbow Light has an incredible lineup of products that cater to whatever specific needs you have. For men, it is hard to do any better than the Rainbow Light Men’s One Multivitamin. Each tablet contains key ingredients that support heart, prostate, muscle, and sexual health, help bolster immunity, and increase overall energy, stamina, and stress management. One tablet has a complete B-complex to support energy production, folic acid for heart health, zinc and selenium for reproductive and immune health and 50 micrograms of vitamin D to promote colon, bone, and blood pressure health. Simply said that is a lot to gain from one pill and it really does deliver. Just in time for winter and cold and flu season, the Counter Attack is a perfect product to have on hand to help you stay healthy. The Rainbow Light® Counter Attack™ provides a powerful way to support immune system health, containing a high potency vitamin C and an excellent source of zinc along with 3 targeted blends for overall immune support.Counter Attack provides immune system support, with soothing botanicals xanthium, yerba santa, polygala and mullein. For more information, visit: Rainbow Light

Cherries have long been known for not only their great taste, but also their health benefits. CHERRiSH brings all of those benefits into one drink by taking both the skin and pulp of 98 sweet and tart cherries into every bottle of this great tasting drink. CHERRiSH provides all of the health benefits of the Montmorency tart and sweet Bing cherries. The Montmorency tart cherry is not as well known as other cherries, but it is known for its powerful muscle recovery benefits, ability to aid sleep, regulate blood sugar and metabolism, slow neurodegeneration, improve gut health, and a newly published study even illustrates its ability to ease side effects such as joint pain and muscle soreness in patients receiving treatment for cancer. CHERRiSH is simply one of the few beverages that not only tastes great, but backs up their claims with results that will impact your life in a variety of ways. For more information, visit: CHERRiSH

CHERRiSH shot and bottles

Humming Hemp™ is bringing nutrient-dense American-grown hemp hearts to your diet with hemp-based protein bars, raw hemp hearts (both flavored and plain), cold pressed extra virgin hemp seed oil and raw hemp protein powder. The new Hummingbar™ truly sets itself apart from other bars beginning with five unique and delicious flavors: Almond & Chocolate, Honey & Cinnamon, Lavender Pistachio & Blueberry, Pumpkin Seed & Spice, and Seed & Date. Each bar is certified RAW/CLEAN, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Paleo and Non-GMO, and offers a micronutrient profile to rival your daily multi-vitamin. With no inflammatory processed protein isolates or additives commonly found in other similar products, hummingbars provide raw, unprocessed, easily digested and complete plant-based protein, alongside Powerful Nutrition™. For more information, visit: Humming Hemp

The new hummingbar™ lineup

If you are looking for the meal-replacement option, GEMINI™ Organic Plant-Based Meal Replacement Shake, offers a new and flavorful spin on what has become a popular meal option in recent years. Breakfast, lunch or as an energizing snack between meals, GEMINI™ is a nutritionist-formulated blend of low GI carbs, MCTs, fruits, vegetables, botanicals and adaptogens, providing health benefits ranging from stress relief to cardiovascular health, plus a full serving of vegan enzymes work to prevent bloating. Gemini contains 3 billion CFU of patented ProDura probiotics to rebuild microflora and promote a healthy microbiome. GEMINI™ is made from all organic hemp, quinoa, pea proteins and more, this protein creates a complete amino acid profile to keep your body energized and your muscles happy. For more information, visit: GEMINI™

GEMINI™ Organic Plant-Based Meal Replacement Shake

If you are looking to add more protein to your diet as many people are, Old Trapper the perfect on-the-go beef jerky snack to crush your protein needs. The ingredients behind the company’s 50 years of success are as short as its actual ingredient list: lean high-quality meat, quality seasonings, real wood-fired smoke and a hands-on manufacturing process. While many beef jerky companies have raised prices to go with the recent surge in popularity of this product, you are going to find Old Trapper is not only great tasting, but it is one of the most affordable beef jerky products on the market. You are not going to go wrong with any of the three varieties, including: Old Fashioned, Peppered, Hot & Spicy and Teriyaki. For more information, visit: Old Trapper

Everyone knows staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water is important, but equally important is the purity of the water that you drink. ZeroWater is the only water filter that removes 99.6% of dissolved solids in tap water; the equivalent of purified bottled water. ZeroWater has a unique 5 stage filter, which removes more than other brands, leaving you with the best possible tap water, while saving you money on bottled water as well as not filling landfills with plastic bottles. The pitchers are great for your home, ranging from 6 cup to 40 cup pitchers and for on-the-go, they have the easy to use tumbler. For more information, visit: ZeroWater

ZeroWater Filtration Jug


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