Winter Tales Review – A Christmas Kaleidoscope

Syn Hardy in "Santa Baby" from WINTER TALES - Photo by Bryan Rasmussen
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A holiday celebration is awaiting audiences at Whitefire Theatre’s online production. WINTER TALES is a specially tailored group of classic holiday short stories and poems adapted and directed by Bryan Rasmussen. Whitefire Theatre continues its innovative and very creative work streaming shows directly to your living room. From Robert Frost to Henry James to O. Henry, Whitefire’s cast and crew bring these monologues to life.

Barbara Brownell in “A Visit to the Bank” from WINTER TALES – Photo by Bryan Rasmussen

A Visit to the Bank: Written by Shirley Jackson and performed by Barbara Brownell, this tale is set in the unlikely venue of the loan department of the bank. Will Santa answer mama’s wishes?

Juliette Jeffers in “Christmas in St. Kitts! from WINTER TALES – Photo by Bryan Rasmussen

Christmas in St. Kitts!  Written and performed by Juliette Jeffers, this story will bring the sun and surf of the Caribbean right into your own home. Are you longing for some bush tea?

The Christmas Spirit:  Written by William W. Hassler and performed by Ryan de Quintal, this tale explores what Christmas is really all about as the scene switches to 1862 in a battlefield filled with wounded and dying Union and Confederate soldiers.

Kevin Neighbors in “Gifts of the Magi” from WINTER TALES – Photo by Bryan Rasmussen

Gifts of the Magi:  Written by O. Henry and performed by Kevin Neighbors, this classic short story reading reminds us all that gifts have no meaning without the love they entail.

Santa Baby: Written by Javits Springer and performed by Syn Hardy, this sexy little ditty reminds us that Santa is just waiting in the wings to gift us with a little fun.

Christmas Trees:  Written by Robert Frost and performed by Dan Prevette, this tribute reminds us that nature is as much a part of Christmas as people are – and that a single tree is priceless.

A Visit from St. Nicholas:  Written by Clement C. Moore and performed by Neil Thompson, this classic poem reminds us what it was like to be an eager child once more.

A Christmas Football Match:  Written by Oswestry Observer and performed by Dan Anderson, the story brings South Wales across the Atlantic for a football match like none other. Especially after a few pints.

Sammie Wayne in “The Distant Music of the Hounds” from WINTER TALES – Photo by Bryan Rasmussen

The Distant Music of the Hounds:  Written by E. B. White and performed by Sammie Wayne, this thought-provoking piece asks some very tricky questions about technology and the holidays. It seemed so very apt as live theater is translated into cyberspace.

The Whitefire Theatre’s cast and crew do an excellent job of streaming some beautiful and often poignant Christmas tales right into our home with a very special intimacy, creativity, and professionalism. This holiday production and fundraiser will entertain and remind everyone that Christmas may mean many different things to many different people – but also unites us with a common understanding and appreciation.

WINTER TALES opens and streams at 4 p.m. on December 20 and at 7 p.m. on December 21 and December 23, 2020. Tickets are $15.99. For information and tickets, call the Whitefire Theatre at 818-687-8559 or go online.


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