The Front Yard at Ellis Island – Beer, Brunch and So Much More

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When it comes to Las Vegas, Ellis Island Casino Hotel and Brewery is appropriately named as it is located almost on an island by itself. While the Las Vegas strip is often what most people think of when it comes to Las Vegas, just a few minutes away is Ellis Island and The Front Yard, an all-encompassing dining, beer and fun experience that will hook you after visit.

Berry Flight (Courtesy Ellis Island)

The Front Yard is unlike anything else that Las Vegas has to offer with an almost football stadium feel with the elevated oval ceiling and glass all around that brings in natural light. While unique in terms of setting, the experience is all Vegas and more. Two levels allowing you to choose the type of experience you want as well as a stadium size television on the front wall making this a must for any big game. With beer being poured, fans cheering and food being served to what seems like a packed stadium, the staff at The Front Yard never seems to miss a beat, great service is one thing you will never have to worry about here.

Fries & Shine

If love beer the other unique aspect of Ellis Island is the beer. While Las Vegas has improved in terms of beer selection, Ellis Island is still without question the place to come for a freshly brewed ice-cold beer that will never disappoint. Ellis Island has been making beer since 1998, so they have it down to a science and from the classic selection that is only $3, or a specialty beer for $5, again this is a true bargain for any brewery. The best way to get to know Ellis Island is with one of their flights, but I will say if you like a dark beer, the Milk Stout is done to perfection with that chocolately richness, yet they keep it from being overwhelming sweet. If you get a burger or a steak, this is the beer to pair with either.

The Front Yard really never stops impressing and as good as the beer is, they also offer a very unique group of craft cocktails, including a number of special Vegas Golden Knight cocktails such as the “Old Vegas Knight” that has Bulleit Bourbon, Luxardo Cherry and salted caramel syrup. The Front Yard keeps the bourbon theme going with a beer bourbon flight, a strictly bourbon flight or you can build your build your own flight.

The beer and cocktails are enough reason to visit The Front Yard, but the food will definitely keep you coming back with incredible quality, but a selection big enough to keep you coming back for something new each and every visit. For dinner you can go from a charcuterie board, to flat breads and sandwiches that range from a pastrami burger to a porchetta sandwich.

The Front Yard brunch menu is not only wonderfully unique and good from top to bottom, but it is was one of the best values in all of Las Vegas. The centerpiece of the menu has to be the “Fries & Shine”, this has everything you would want in one dish. You start off with crispy fries smothered in kimchee, kalbi sauce and spicy mayo, from there you will find pork belly, enough for every bite and then it is topped off with a fried egg. If you are looking for something a little sweeter, the “Stuffed Crunch Toast” is the breakfast kids dream of. French toast that is battered in Fruity Pebbles and stuffed with strawberry cream cheese and finished off with maple butter. Nothing completes brunch quite like bottomless mimosas or the “9 to 5 Michaelada”, with features the Ellis Island Light beer.

The Front Yard Bar, Gaming, Beer, Cocktails and more!

If you want to go outside of your Las Vegas box, Ellis Island is the place that if you haven’t visited you must experience. A truly unique and fun casino that brings you a beer experience like no one else. Whether you are staying at Ellis Island or not, take that couple of minutes to go off of the strip and grab brunch, dinner or a beer at The Front Yard, you will not be disappointed.

Wonder Smash Berry

For more information, visit: The Front Yard


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