In Conversation with Solombra Ingram on Empowerment, Education, Inclusion, and Living a Purpose Driven Life

Solombra Ingram-Staying Healthy: Body, Mind & Soul Women’s Health Symposium
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Nonprofit leader Solombra Ingram, founder of Los Angeles based I’m Every Woman (EIW), is
gearing up to host her Staying Healthy: Body, Mind & Soul Women’s Health Symposium kicking off Friday, Oct. 25, 2022 at the Cancer Society of Eleuthera in The Bahamas. With sponsors such as the YWCA of greater Los Angeles, AHF of Los Angeles, and The Links International, the event was power packed with information and resources benefitting women worldwide. Los Angeles based journalist Germany Kent who has been tapped as the media correspondent and is accompanying Ingram in Eleuthera spoke directly with the founder on what she hopes the project will accomplish.

Tell me what you hope to accomplish from this symposium? What can
attendees hope to expect

Information that can change their life and be a pathway to better health and healthy
living. Your body, mind and soul are interconnected. We need to advocate for our
health and ensure we are doing everything we can to stay healthy and proactive.
They will learn about available resources and support groups should they face a
health challenge. It’s also important that women understand that their very
thoughts can affect their health. We hope to provide new awareness that will
empower women to maintain healthy bodies, minds and souls.

Tell me about the speakers for the event. What was your motivation for
choosing each of them to be represented on the program?

I chose them in line with the theme of Healthy lifestyles – body, mind and soul. We
have speakers who will address each topic: the top health issues among women,
especially here on the island; mental health; and the health of one’s soul – in other
words, how are you managing life.

How is I’m Every Woman (IEW) impacting change in the Los Angeles community
and internationally?

Through programs and symposiums like this one. Information is power – power that
can transform your life, give you courage to overcome adversity, resources to
achieve your dreams, how to receive the best healthcare, access to networks of
people who can help you with everything from career goals to the basics of
housing, financial assistance, and educational opportunities.

Tell me why people need to support Women and Girls Empowerment?

Traditionally women/girls have had fewer advancement opportunities, access to
meaningful resources, political influence, executive leadership, and the like.
Though we have made tremendous inroads, there is still a long road ahead.

What has been your most rewarding experience thus far working with other
Women’s Empowerment auxiliaries to bring about change?

The change I have seen in the lives of countless women and girls. Those who had
a vision and have now accomplished their vision; those who now know how to plan,
strategize and achieve their goals; those who are flourishing with the help of
support groups and social and professional networks; and those women and girls
who fall from adversity but now know how to get back up and keep striving. It’s the
testimonies of others that are most rewarding.

How do you empower women, especially survivors, to keep pressing

By providing information, resources and support; or connecting them with others
who can best help and empower them along their journey.

How do you turn the tests you’ve experienced in life to be a vessel of light
and hope as a testimony to others?

By doing just that – sharing my story with others so they can be encouraged and
inspired. Often people think leaders, financially or politically successful people,
business owners, celebrities have the good life, but we all have challenges and
obstacles in our lives. So, I humbly talk very candidly about my weaknesses,
failures, bad choices, or unfortunate circumstances that occurred in my life, and
how I overcame those situations. I lost my husband suddenly. I watched him take
his last breath from an acute heart attack in our home. I was suddenly single with
two children who looked to me to set the tone of what’s next in our lives. In my
testimony of that season, I vividly and earnestly talk about handling each stage of
that tragedy and how the information I knew at that time – either helped me or hurt
me. That’s why having the right information and access to resources are so

What has been the most rewarding part about your journey thus far?

My faith in God and watching His Word manifest in my life. There is joy in the
morning. I am able to smile after much pain. There can be peace in the midst of a
storm. I don’t worry or fear certain situations like I had before. God will provide a
ram in the thicket. He does provide right when you need it and right on time. When you are down to your last dollar and you get an unexpected check in the mail. God
is my rock, my strength and my salvation.

Photos: Courtesy of Germany Kent

I’m Every Woman
I’m Every Woman (IEW) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2004
by Solombra Ingram in direct response to the growing need for
empowerment, education, information, and resources for women, girls and
their families. IEW strives to ensure that every woman and girl has access to
means of sustainability and productivity that will lead them to becoming the
best version of themselves. IEW hosts many fundraising events throughout
the year including health fairs, 5K Run/Walks, conferences, scholarship
dinners, workshops, play productions and special events in conjunction with
other non-profit organizations. IEW also offers mentorship programs and
support groups.


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