Soundtrack Review: Composer Randy Edelman “The Beast Inside”

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Be prepared to render a verdict on one of the most polarizing and innovative scores, especially if you’re a fan of superior dark thrillers and sentimental themes that combine orchestral majesty and heartwarming beauty. Hold your breath and hang tight and get ready to experience the most engaging soundtrack of our times via the new horror film “The Beast Inside” composed and performed by Randy Edelman. 

Edelman has conjured a fearsome, almost gothically heroic character for leading lady Anne portrayed by Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6, The Bill Murray Experience), who desperately fights to rid herself of a family inherited demonic possession that promises to kill her and then threatens to move on to her young son. With several exquisite and touching themes, ethereal piano arrangements, dark Gregorian chants, and crashing, spine-chilling, fiery prismatic tones, this score is one of the most captivating and compelling musical experiences.

Perhaps “The Beast Inside” is the very best of Randy Edelman’s film music career and is evidenced even within the first few minutes of the film, and then in an effervescent array of imagery it just keeps on getting better. The demonic resurrection flowing throughout the film couldn’t sound more unnerving if it tried. It heightens the suspense to an Inconceivable level of scary. Although filled with ominous, bold and frightening treasures, the tender and flawlessly beautiful reoccurring Mother and Son theme evokes an innocence that makes this score stand alone as a classic.

The Versace of the film score industry Randy Edelman ultimately  precedes this film more than a hundred times over with motion picture music credits including “Last of the Mohicans”, “My Cousin Vinny”, “Ghostbusters ll”, “Dragonheart”, “The Mummy 3”, “ “Anaconda”, “Gettysburg”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Billy Madison”, “Leap Year”, “Twins”, “Kindergarten Cop”, and way too many more to mention. Also to the maestro‘s credit is a string of pop hits including “A Weekend in New England” (recorded by Barry Manilow), “Isn’t it A Shame” (recorded by Patti LaBelle), “My Place” (recorded by hip hop artist Nelly), and again too many to mention.

The Beast Inside, directed by Jim Towns and produced by See You Next Tuesday Films will be unleashed next fall, however Randy Edelman’s soundtrack will be released ahead of the movie. The film stars Vernon Wells (Mad Max, Commandos, Weird Science), Laurene Landon (Airplane, Maniac Cop), and Sadie Katz as Anne. The soundtrack is composed and performed by Randy Edelman.

The music is the film’s strength, its shield, it’s weapon. The thunderous sound of the sudden boom of the drums, the angelic grace of the piano presence, and the unexpected, scintillating, coloristic harmonic shifts between dark and light are all a quintessential part of the soul of the film. The eclecticism of the soundtrack shapes the terror beyond the demon. The sweetness and tenderness of the music is beautiful but still leaves us with a sense of tragic resignation. 


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