Always … Patsy Cline – Delivers Country Music Magic

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By Kathy Carpenter

“I’m gonna be something one of these days,” said Patsy Cline. D’& P Productions presents “Always… Patsy Cline,” created and originally directed by Ted Swindley. Based on a true story and directed by Pati Reynolds, ALWAYS… PATSY CLINE is a magical, heartfelt story of a legendary icon—a genuine friendship between two women connecting by chance, a bond of a lifetime.

“Always… Patsy Cline” is a heartwarming musical that pays tribute to the life and music of the iconic country singer, Patsy Cline. The story is based on the friendship between Patsy and Louise Seger, a devoted fan who strikes up an unexpected connection with the talented star.

Dena Mattox as Louise – Cathy DeBule as Patsy – photo courtesy of D & P Productions

Patsy opens the musical with the song “Honky Tonk Merry Go Around,” setting the tone for a pleasant, upbeat experience. After a couple of Patsy Cline songs, Louise begins narrating her fond memories of meeting Patsy Cline at a honky-tonk bar in Houston, Texas, in 1961. Louise, played by the lovable Dena Mattox, exudes a vivacious and enthusiastic personality, charming the audience, and  instantly becoming enamored with Patsy’s enchanting voice.

Louise opens her home to Patsy, where they share an intimate conversation about life, love, and dreams— developing a simple forever kind of friendship. .

Throughout the musical, Patsy’s biggest hits, including “I Fall to Pieces” and “Walking After Midnight,” are beautifully woven into the story line. The audience gets a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs that shaped Patsy’s career as she navigates the music industry and balances her personal life. Cathy DeBrule, portraying Patsy Cline, is a treasure, with a wonderful melodic voice with slightly less twang. She gave me a Connie Francis vibe that I truly enjoyed.

As Patsy’s fame continues to soar, she remains grounded and grateful for her friendship with Louise. However, tragedy strikes when a plane carrying Patsy crashes, tragically taking her life at the age of 30. Louise’s heartbreak is palpable, but she cherishes the memories of their time together.

Pati Reynolds and Gabriela Sosa, Patsy’s backup singers for the opening numbers added to Patsy’s star status and set the tone for the homey fun of the show to come.The music for the evening was provided by “The Bodacious Bobcats Band,” a rare find of an all female ensemble playing flawlessly in the background. The audience was small but happy. As I glanced about the room it was a sea of smiling faces enjoying the concert of an icon.

“Always… Patsy Cline” is a celebration of friendship, love, and the enduring power of music. It captures the essence of Patsy Cline’s extraordinary talent and the deep connection she had with her fans, leaving the audience with a sense of nostalgia and a renewed appreciation for the legendary singer’s timeless melodies.

Dena Mattox as Louise – Cathy DeBule as Patsy – photo courtesy of D & P Productions


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