The Set NYC Hosts PimComedy Fashion Show December 31

Image courtesy of PimComedy
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Image courtesy of PimComedy

New York-based artist Pim is many things. He’s a designer. A poet. A musician. He’s also a philanthropist with causes dear to him. On December 31 the artist hosts an event that will celebrate art while raising awareness and support for philanthropic organizations and causes. Pim started PimComedy when he started taking comedy classes after work. He realized he has a talent for it; and then promptly started his own production company with friends to create more comedy shows of their own. 

The event on December 31 is a story of hope, community, creativity and purpose. The main issue the event raises awareness for  homelessness, child trafficking, hunger and poverty, among other things. The founder says, “as a person of faith, I want to bring hope to these situations. While there’s darkness, sadness and grief in the world, there is also love and joy. This is a city of hope and we hope to bring this to light during the event.” 

He says in a poem, “Angels vs demons. They fly,  they fight. Is there a spiritual realm,  

is there hope. Is there a God. How come, there is so much suffering in this world, Is there hope?  How to love more. Heaven on Earth. Is it possible. Is it possible to have Heaven on Earth. Please ? Is man  ( woman ) able to solve our own problems. I don’t think so.

Pim started The Set NYC in 2008 in an effort to raise awareness for child trafficking, something he saw a real need to raise awareness to at the time. The Set NYC has since created books to help empower the youth, passed bills, and currently work with trafficking survivors to learn new skills for survival in the future. 

Image courtesy of PimComedy

For this event, tickets can be purchased through EventBrite. Guests can expect an event filled with love and joy, artistic talent, performances and networking opportunities with other creatives. It’s a night filled with joy and it’s about opening your heart and mind to new experiences and opportunities, Pim says. It’s also a great way to spend New Year’s Eve if you don’t already have plans. The show has gotten great reviews from many in the city too. ” The Show was awesome! I had a great time, people were incredible.  It was honest and vulnerable,” said one guest. Another reviewer said, “Shout out to PimComedy for making not only one of the weirdest art shows I’ve ever been to, but also one of the realest.” Come see what the buzz is all about this New Year’s Eve. 


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