Winnie & Ethel’s Downtown Diner – Classic Setting with a Menu to Match

Winnie & Ethel’s Downtown Diner
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A seemingly perfect Las Vegas story that began with a wedding, entering a restaurant contest, winning that contest and ending with opening a diner, is the very authentic story that led to the opening of Winnie & Ethel’s Downtown Diner. In a city known for its glitz, glamour, and over-the-top restaurants, Co-Owners, Chef Aaron Lee and CEO Mallory Gott, decided to bring the classic diner experience to Las Vegas with Winnie & Ethel’s.

Aaron and Mallory entered The Great Las Vegas Coffee Shop Giveaway, a contest put on by Dapper Companies, and bested 90 competitors to walk away with a grand prize valued at nearly $1,000,000 – including a brand new, 3,000-square-foot, custom-designed restaurant. That restaurant is truly their baby, Winnie & Ethel’s Downtown Diner. Winnie & Ethel’s opened as breakfast only, then soon added lunch and dinner and is looking to become a 24-hour diner in 2024.

“Ever since the beginning, it has always seemed like a really good match. Mallory is great with numbers and the front of the house, she is very social and that is a big part of the diner. I make sure the standards in the back of the house are very high, for example, the sausages are made to order and made from scratch. It is almost like the universe put this match of us together, it is very important the front and the back of the house are connected,” Aaron said.

Meatloaf Sandwich

The menu is full of classics, just like the diner itself. The menu of course contains some of the items they entered into the contest that wowed the judges, such as the meatloaf sandwich and nutter butter French Toast. While this is a diner in name, the menu definitely goes way beyond what you expect with your everyday typical diner experience. A ham benedict at face value sounds interesting, but imagine that hame that they brine for six days before they serve it to you and you have something special and that is with every dish. While Las Vegas might leave you a little light in the wallet, a meal at Winnie & Ethel’s certainly allows your dollar to go a little further and that is helped along by the best deal in the city, their bottomless 25¢ cup of coffee (available with entree order of $8 or more).

Winnie & Ethel’s took one more step back in time by using malted powder to create malted waffles and malted pancakes, giving both a uniquely sweetened flavor and will leave you looking for malt everytime you have breakfast moving forward. If that wasn’t enough, you can top thse with maple butter and treat yourself to more malt by ordering something created in their vinatge malt machine.

Chef Salad

You can find a cocktail without much effort in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean that you are going to be throwing back anything of interest other than the ordinary at most spots. One of the most enticing things about Winnie & Ethel’s is the cocktail menu. They have created a list of drinks that would have been historically representative of the period, cocktails out of the 1940’s. If you are a cocktail connoisseur you will be impressed by names such as Side-Car, Grasshopper, Alexander and Ethel’s Brandy Manhattan.

“Because of the way the restaurant came into being and how it is so welcomed by the community we feel a responsibility to the community and to give back, we have partnered with local schools and we are always looking for ways to support our community, we were given a huge opportunity and gift and we want to give back,” Mallory said.

Wedge Salad

If you are looking for a dining experience that is a throwback experience, while still giving you a Las Vegas foodie-worthy menu, Winnie & Ethel’s Downtown Diner is a must-visit. This is one of those great spots in Las Vegas that caters to the locals and out-of-towners alike and whichever group you fall into, you are sure to enjoy the menu and experience that takes you back in time.


Winnie & Ethel’s Downtown Diner is now open by co-owners Chef Aaron Lee and CEO Mallory Gott. Modeled after the iconic, round-the-clock American eatery of the 1940s, Great Las Vegas Coffee Shop Giveaway winner, Winnie & Ethel’s Downtown Diner draws upon the rich history and legacy of the Huntridge Theater, which first opened its doors on October 10, 1944. The concept is simple and classic: Deliver the best food, design the best space, and create the best place. Follow Winnie & Ethel’s Downtown Diner on Instagram @winnieandethels

(Photos Courtesy Kate Stowell and Winnie & Ethel’s Downtown Diner)


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