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Angela Thompson and VIP Guest on the Red Carpet
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On Thursday, March 7, in memory of beloved Hollywood publicist Doris Bergman, celebrities and VIP guests gathered at The Ambrose Hotel in Santa Monica for IGNITE, A Fire Luxury Gifting Lounge, hosted by Nicole Lester and Heather Marianna, founders of The Merritt + Marianna Group .

This exclusive event celebrated the hard work of movie writers (yes, that includes me!), producers, and actors during Academy Award season.  The gifting lounge featured unique and luxury brands, such as Ophora Water, Empress Gin, ATA Cosmetics, and renowned culinary genius, Chef Katie Chin.

Delightful bites from Chef Katie Chin

Guests were able to try out Void Space Technologies’ Quantum Energy Wellness Bed, a titanium-lined table which harnesses the power of far infrared heat, sound, and quantum technology to support your body’s journey to optimum wellness.  Although they couldn’t take the bed home with them that day, visitors were treated to other items from their product line, such as Clear Source Rosewater Spray; Wise Eyes Renewal Retinol Cream; Cooling Light Cucumber Salve; and Enlightened Rose Moisturizer.

There were several brands of beauty and make-up products offering gifts to celebs and VIP visitors.  Beauty Kitchen offered Rosy Radiance facial toner, daily moisturizer, and lip and eye gels.

Some of the lovely gifts at IGNITEPhoto, M. Anderson

The owner of Marissa’s Brow & Beauty Bar, located in Long Island, New York, flew out to the Southern California event to showcase her brow products and self-tanning mousse. 

Several dazzling shades of lip gloss were available from blanche, whose motto is “I am. I can. I will.”

Libra Lash and Lip Company offered lovely gift bags with eyelashes, along with instructions and tools for their application and removal. As someone who has a hard time putting on false eyelashes, I soooo appreciated the directions.  Can’t wait to bat my eyelashes with these on!

Author Andre Notice offered his book to guests, including actress & comedienne Kym Whitley

F.A.R.A.H. gifted their wonderful L.A.A.L.I. Powder Blush Collection of eight different shades in both Shimmers and Mattes.  LAALI is an Urdu word that translates to “blush” or “flush” in English.  Their blush shades have names inspired by Urdu poetry and love stories, such as: Muhabbat, meaning Deep Romantic Love; Rashk meaning Envy; Malka, meaning Queen; and Arzoo, meaning Desire. 

Barbie Layton, international best-selling author, quantum healer/executive coach and TV Show Host of “You Are Amazing” was on site to share her new manifestation spray line with essential oils and charged crystals. Guests could choose from sprays or candles to intentionally manifest “Gratitude”, Prosperity” or “Cha Ching.”

A guest enjoys her special gift from author & coach, Barbie Layton

Activation Agency provided a bag filled with several brands of weed, including “Cold Cuts” from Claybourne Co., Darts from Ember Valley, Hello Again, Hangover, post Party Relief from Hello Again Products and Edibles from Happy Chance. 

Tempter’s Cannabis Infused Elevated Seltzers were also available at the event, including Strawberry spritz, Citrus Spritz, and Blueberry Spritz.  They say, ‘With each sip, you’ll discover new layers of flavor and experience a sense of relaxation.”  

Dulce Vida and Life Cider were just two of the luscious libations served at IGNITE

Since 1989, Art Lewin Bespoke menswear has catered to some of the world’s most prominent names in business as well as some of the most famous stars in Hollywood. The worldwide-known clothier plans, coordinates, and maintains men’s wardrobes to perfectly attire them for any occasion, big or small. Art was his usual handsome and cordial self, gifting ties and pocket handkerchiefs to attending guests.

Chef Dee Dee from DD’s Bayou Kitchen offered a taste of Louisiana to visitors with tasty pralines, with or without pecans. After graduating from Southern University, Dee Dee moved to Houston, Texas, where she recreates some of the scrumptious dishes she was brought up with in her home town in Louisiana.

Actress Kelsey Scott and author of C-B-OND 20/20 Christine Bond

Camilla Seretti is a female-owned, high-end jewelry and accessories company that inspires and empowers women. They showcased a stunning variety of earrings, necklaces and rings that were beautiful and elegant.

I must confess I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life, but one of my friends will be quite happy to receive the flavorful Bali Blue Harmony Reserve that was given out by Hidden Hills Coffee Company. The packages were made especially for the talented guests this Oscar season and featured a graphic of a motion picture camera on the front.

I haven’t had coffee, but I have had vodka – and Precious Vodka is my favorite.  It was originally launched in Europe and Australia and is now available in America.  Their very unique Diamond Bottles come in 750 ml or 50 ml for their mini diamond.  Each Diamond Bottle comes with a gemstone at the top and makes a truly beautiful gift for your family or friends… and, of course, for yourself!   

Even puppies were in attendance, brought by the Vanderpump Dogs Foundation that was one of the charities benefiting from the event.  Others were the Kids Excelling in College Foundation, and the Business Architects TXG Foundation.

IGNITE was fun and festive for all the guests and vendors alike

It was a lovely day, made all the more special with a champagne toast and tribute to the late Doris Bergman who was known for hosting amazing Oscar and Emmy gifting lounges in years past. Doris was a wonderful woman and dear friend who sadly passed away along with her husband last year. If she was watching from above, Doris would have been pleased to see all her old friends and new ones celebrating in her honor. Doris gave us all the very best gift  — her friendship and love.

Beloved publicist Doris Bergman
Photo from Facebook

Photos courtesy of ESP Public Relations unless otherwise attributed.


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Marilyn Anderson is an award-winning author, film and television writer. She wrote for Murphy Brown, FAME, Friday the 13th - the Series, and Carol & Company, starring Carol Burnett. Marilyn wrote and produced the family feature film, How to Beat a Bully. She is the author of How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short.

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