Golden Road Brewing Launches New “Get on Board” Hazy IPA with Spellers Freedom Foundation to Support Nonspeaking Autism

Photo Courtesy Stephan Martin
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Beer is that beverage that seems to bring people together. It is more than a beverage, it is a community of people who collaborate and work together. Golden Road Brewing and its co-founder Meg Gill collaborated with Spellers Freedom Foundation to create the wonderful “Get on Board” Hazy IPA and bring much-needed awareness to nonspeaking autism.

Spellers Freedom Foundation is a true revolution when it comes to how non-speaking autistics have been viewed in the past and still have challenges to this day. Many people have a belief that non-speakers are cognitively disabled. That is changing with the process of using letterboards and keyboards to communicate thoughts and feelings. One interaction with a Speller makes it easy to see how amazing they are and this concept can bring a societal change.

The unlikely pairing of Golden Road Brewing and Spellers Freedom Foundation started when Meg found out her daughter was diagnosed with non-speaking autism. She quickly dove in looking for resources and came across Spellers. Meg decided to take her interaction with Spellers to a whole new level by working with four of the Spellers who got the nickname the “Fab Four.” The four Spellers, William, Jamie, Victor, and Paige worked with Golden Road to develop a beer, that was aptly named “Get On Board.” The four met with Golden Road Brewers to come up with this Hazy IPA that is made with real oranges. Beyond the great taste of “Get on Board”. Golden Road Brewing is donating to the Spellers Freedom Foundation Scholarship program to go along with the $10,000 that Meg donated to Spellers Freedom Foundation at the Anaheim event.

Golden Road co-founder Meg Gill

“Get on Board is brewed with real citrus, this is a beer that craft beer fans would be excited to drink,” Meg said. “This project has been my most joyous. In the last six months, my daughter has learned the Spellers method and it has been the true thrill of my life to see her progress with Spellers and to be her communication partner.”

Since the concept of Spellers is new and still creating awareness, they came up with a five-part movie to take you inside their world. Golden Road Brewing and Spellers Freedom Foundation premiered episode three, called “Crafty Collaboration” at the Golden Road Anaheim location on April 25th. The episode was an amazing look at how Spellers interact and you got to see how they worked with Golden Road to help develop “Get On Board”.

One of the great things about beer beyond the taste, is the fun and unique names that go with each beer. In this instance, there could not be a better or more fitting name for a beer than “Get On Board.” The revolutionary concept and trying to change the world’s view is asking people to get on board with this idea and help move it forward. The idea behind the movie, the beer and the Spellers Freedom Foundation are all about inspiring people and there is plenty of room for you to get on board whether you want to drink a great beer or simply help to share what Spellers is doing.

For more information, visit: Spellers Freedom Foundation

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For more information on “Get On Board”, visit: Golden Road Brewing


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