Quechol Sotol – The Spirit to Elevate Your Cinco de Mayo Experience

Photo Courtesy Quechol Sotol
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If you have become overwhelmed and confused by the seemingly endless variations of tequila. there is a tasty, high-quality alternative that would make for a great addition to your upcoming Cinco de Mayo, party or any event. Quechol Sotol is a spirit that has a distinct flavor profile and fascinating backstory.

While tequila and mezcal often steal the spotlight when it comes to Mexican spirits, Sotol remains relatively undiscovered by many outside of its region of origin. Quechol Sotol is derived from the Dasylirion plant, also known as the Desert Spoon or sotol plant. Its taste is as distinctive as its origins.

Unfamiliar with Quechol Sotol? Sotol is a non-agave-based distillate made from a native Mexican shrub, Dasylirion. Its lineage is closer to evergreen plants in the asparagus family, Dasylirion thrives in dry conditions with extreme climates like those found in Durango, Mexico. Wheeleri and Texanum are both aged on an average of 15 years in small batches.

Family owned and operated in a 100% solar-powered facility, Quechol Sotol is made using time-honored traditions that are passed down from one generation of sotolero to the next, producing the following expressions:

  • Quechol Texanum Sotol (SRP $60; 46.3% abv) – 100% Texanum Sotol. Succulent aromas of wild spearmint, roasted nuts, ancho chile and cooked caramel lead into a round, elegant palate of juicy black licorice and subtle vegetal character.
  • Quechol Wheeleri Sotol (SRP $60; 45.5% abv) – 100% Wheeleri Sotol. Bright vegetal aromas of lemon rind, bay leaf and chipotle lead into fresh jalapeno on the palate, balanced with delicate sweet black licorice and anise that lead into a long, spicy finish.
Nombre de Dios (Photo Courtesy Quechol Sotol)

Ejercito (Photo Courtesy Quechol Sotol)

If you are looking for a new, unique and authentic spirit. In that case, Quechol Sotol is perfect to take its place alongside tequila and mezcal as a beloved staple in bars and home liquor cabinets. Going beyond a replacement for tequila, it has a flavor all of its own, making this a favorite when making cocktails. With its distinctive flavor, versatility, and rich cultural heritage, Quechol Sotol is more than just a spirit – it’s a new flavor and experience waiting to be savored.

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